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At Express Drainage Solutions, we recognize that the industrial activities we undertake have the potential to impact the environment. As a responsible company, we are fully committed to mitigating these impacts to ensure that we are not contributing to any negative consequences for our planet.

As such, we have made it a top priority to implement a range of environmentally friendly policies and practices throughout our operations. From minimizing waste and reducing energy consumption to using sustainable materials and investing in the latest eco-friendly technologies, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Express Drainage Solutions aspires to go above and beyond when it comes to CSR, making positive contributions to the communities we are in and to the wider economy. We aim to act responsibly in our actions with a focus on the following: 

  •  Reducing our impact on the environment 
  • Enabling our staff to contribute positively to local, national, and global communities through volunteering, fundraising and the use of their skills/expertise. 
  • Investing responsibly to ensure our fiscal contributions do not support unethical activities. 
  • Conducting all our business honestly and ethically at all times. 

We want to make a positive difference through the services we provide, the way we provide them and the way we run our company as a whole. Our CSR strategy will guide or work across: 

  •  Our impact on our staff and our support for their well-being and development 
  • Our financial sustainability and independence 
  • Our impact on the communities that we live and work in 
  • Our partnerships with suppliers 
  • Our governance and transparency. 

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Comprehensive aftercare

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Actions we take to alleviate our impact on the environment

  • Opting to reuse and recycle wherever possible
  • Disposing of waste in line with regulations
  • Carefully planning to minimise both our emissions and noise pollution
  • Always considering the products we use and aiming for the least harmful alternatives
  • Selecting only registered waste removal carriers


Our Success Stories

We aim to align our management systems with these aspirations:

  • Meeting our legal obligations
  • Seeking a deeper understanding of environmental impacts
  • Conducting an annual review of our energy usage to reduce consumption
  • Requiring our suppliers to mirror our commitment to the environment

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