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Location: Hanwell
Duration: 1 week
Sector: Commercial

Job Specifications:

Our team was responsible for cleaning the culvert out and preventing any of the debris from going into the natural brook that was located near the plant. Any waste that went in here would have caused lasting damage to the habitat as well as spreading pollution rapidly to the surrounding areas. Our client would have had to pay fines because of the damage they would have potentially caused to the environment, residents, and plant workers.


Our client:

Our client needed urgent assistance in removing some calcification from a culvert in a Chemical manufacturing factory. The local environmental agency recommended Express Drainage Solutions. We were called to assist, as we have the most innovative equipment and extensive knowledge for the job. Other experts in the field had attempted to solve the problem but had been unsuccessful. An additional part of this job was to rescue an inspection camera left by another drainage contractor. Our client was working as a pipework contractor onsite for an international chemical manufacturer. This manufacturer is a global company that produces chemicals in the crop protection and speciality chemistry industries. It is one of the largest chemical producers in the world, and its factory in the UK is the only manufacturer of soda ash and sodium bicarbonate. Soda ash is used in the manufacturing process of glass, detergents, chemicals and several other industry applications. 

What work was undertaken?

  • We were able to clean 170m out of 250m of pipework over several visits.
  • Our engineers were responsible for repairing any existing damage caused by other repair attempts. This was caused by other contractors using incorrect equipment.
  • Our team was also able to rescue the equipment they had been asked to recover.


We were required to pump out all water from the area, which was constantly flowing. We then needed to blast out the majority of calcification in the pipework. For this call-out, we had a limited number of engineers allowed on site at any one time. This was due to concerns about the limited amount of space available to work in and that the piping that the engineers were working in was used daily to pump boiling liquids around the factory. Each time the engineers entered the pipes, the flow of liquids needed to be stopped for our team to work unharmed. Each engineer needed a CCSNG or safety passport, which allows them to work in chemical plants and/or factories. Additionally, our engineers needed to wear special breathing masks to protect them against toxic gases. Other challenges included the fact that there was a constant flow of water to the site. At times there was more water flooding into the area than the pump could remove, but when our high-powered tankers arrived, we were able to resolve the challenge.


We have been the only solution provider who has been able to handle the onsite challenges of this unique location. We provided a bespoke specialist service to a site with unique needs and challenges. Get in touch today to see how we can provide solutions for your drainage challenges using the most innovative drainage minds and equipment in the industry.

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