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Damage to drains can be a result of a number of things, ranging from tree root ingress to ground movement from soil expansion, so determining the cause of the problem is important in deciding upon the correct solution. Express Drainage Solutions perform drain repairs throughout London and the South East, at both domestic and commercial properties.

By carrying out an initial drain survey, our qualified team are able to discover the nature of any fault, allowing us to provide an accurate and competitive quote for any necessary drainage repairs and services. We can then offer a quick and efficient resolution.

Whether a drain jetter is required to clear a blockage, or if you have a more complex drainage issue, Express Drainage is on hand to solve any issue.

Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation survey and quotation for all drainage services & repairs.


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WHO should handle your drain repair?

Depending on the type of drainage that you have, you could or could not be responsible for fixing your drainage systems. Here are a few types for reference, but if you are unsure, give us a call and ask the team.


Sewers are systems where wastewater ends up, and on the whole, are publicly owned, making them the responsibility of the local water authority. Some sewers are not connected to public networks and instead use systems like cesspools, septic tanks or treatment plants for processing waste. If this is the case, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure correct upkeep.

Private Drains

You are accountable for any drain on your property. Anything that has contact with wastewater from a building is classed as a drain, including all gutters and pipes. Anything beyond the edge of your premises, up to where your drains meet the sewer network, is known as a ‘lateral drain’ and falls under the jurisdiction of the water authorities.

Any faults or blockages with a private drain must be handled privately, and in many cases, this will require the help of a professional drainage company. Some larger estates may contain their own sewage works, for which the owners would be accountable. If you’re unsure, the property deeds contain the relevant property information.

Who is your water authority?

Depending on where you are located in the UK, you will need to know who your local water authority is, so you can ask them to deal with any lateral drain damage. These regional authorities are:

  • South West Water
  • Wessex Water
  • Southern Water
  • Thames Water
  • Anglian Water
  • Severn Trent Water
  • Welsh Water
  • Yorkshire Water
  • United Utilities (in the North West)
  • Northumbrian Water
  • Scottish Water
  • Northern Ireland Water

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