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Home Buyers Drain Survey – What are they & why do you need one?

Buying a new property is an exciting milestone for new homeowners. But when in the market for a new property, you’ll want to ensure your new home or potential new home is in full working order. Ensuring that your drainage system is free from fractures, leaks, blockages, and other structural defects will give you the peace of mind that no unexpected issues will arise in the future.

With a professional Home Buyers Drain Survey from Express Drainage Solutions you can do just that.

What is a Home Buyers Drain Survey?

Undertaking a CCTV drain survey before buying a new home is an essential task all new home buyers should consider. While not a requirement for standard house purchases, a pre-purchase drain survey or home buyers drain survey includes a full domestic CCTV drain survey that identifies and highlights any of the following issues before they become costly problems:

  • Fractures
  • Leaks
  • Blockages
  • Root intrusions
  • General collapses
  • Access points that have been built over

Benefits of Conducting a Home Buyers Drain Survey?

Avoiding costly surprises in the future

You’ll need to know what you’re buying with any big purchase. Having the peace of mind that no unexpected and costly surprises will come your way regarding your drainage system is a huge weight off a new home buyer’s shoulders.
If any serious faults are brought to light, in the home buyers drain survey, you’ll have the most conclusive information to decide if this is the right purchase for you and pull out of the deal if not. Getting more information about your potential new home is never a bad idea.

Potentially renegotiating the selling price

If any large-scale drainage problems or faults are highlighted in your pre-purchase drain survey, you may be able to renegotiate the value of the property. Major faults or problems in a drainage system are pretty costly to repair if you purchase the property. If you do not want to pay this on top of the current costs of the house, your CCTV drain survey is a great bargaining tool to renegotiate the asking price.

Get a more competitive mortgage

While a home buyer drain survey could help save you money with the asking price of your potential new home, it could also save you money with mortgage repayments.
Mortgage lenders often insist you conduct a home buyer drain survey on your new property before confirming your offer. Undertaking a pre-purchase drain survey could ensure you are offered a more competitive mortgage deal with lower repayment prices. 

At Express Drainage Solutions, we can provide a complete Home Buyer Drain Survey service…

Ready to get your dream home surveyed? Express Drainage Solutions, are on hand to conduct full CCTV drain surveys when it suits you best. For more information or to book Home Buyers Drain Survey get in touch today.

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