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The Environmentally Conscious Solutions Provider

Express Solutions Group is the smart choice for expert tailored solutions for both commercial and domestic customers in the UK. We know that there is no substitute for knowledge, safety, and environmental preservation. Our continual investment in the world’s leading environmentally conscious technologies ensures that every project we undertake is good for our clients, and the world that our clients live in.

Our Impact, and How We Control It

We put the environment first and understand that our activities may have a global impact. We are proud that our work to mitigate this impact has earned us accreditations from the UK Environment Agency who recommends us to clients as they know that we have their best interests at heart.

It is our aim to practice environmental responsibility in such a way that is sustainable in the long term. We make decisions based on what is good for the environment, what our customers want to see from us and why our colleagues want to work for us. As such, we choose sustainable green efforts that we can use consistently through our business and can be factored in with every business decision.

  • We remain compliant with our legal obligations.
  • We continually seek a deeper understanding of environmental impacts.
  • We review our energy usage annually to help us reduce our energy reliance.
  • We ask our suppliers to mirror our commitment to the environment.
  • As we evolve and grow, we are committed to reviewing our environmental policy and assessing our performance to consider change.

Why We Choose Environmentally Conscious Solutions

We alleviate our environmental impact within our working environment while providing better eco-solutions for our customers.

  • We reuse and recycle wherever possible.
  • We dispose of our waste according to UK regulations, making sure that we are always knowledgeable on what these are.
  • We plan our tanker and vehicle routes meticulously to minimise emissions and noise pollution.
  • We only appoint registered waste removal carriers.
  • We always consider the products we use and source the least harmful alternatives. For example, we encourage clients to install solar panel powered interceptor alarms and use bio-renewable fuel for all our hire equipment solutions.

What We Do To Reduce Carbon Emissions

We benchmark ourselves against other drainage organisations by ensuring that we are using the most innovative and ecological solutions in the industry efficiently and consistently.

  • Our tankers: We recognise the need to invest in new and revolutionary technology with the power to effectively control and dominate any large-scale project or emergency disaster. We wanted to completely re-write the rules within the environmental services industry. We use a Kroll combination tanker with has a water-recycling system with automatic mode (KROLL-CANMATIC). This enables us to reuse water from blockages while solving the problem and ensuring minimal wastage of valuable natural resources.


  • Our Hybrid vehicles: We noticed that our competitors were using transport vehicles that were less economical and bad for the environment and found that we were doing the same. We upgraded our Nissan Navaras, to Peugeot 508 Hatchback 1.6 Hybrid GT. This now means that our standard transport vehicles produce zero exhaust emissions when driving in electric mode. It also means that we have free access to emission zones and reduced maintenance costs while our competitors are spending up to £100 extra per vehicle per day.


  • Our full-scale paperless policies: We decided it was better for our colleagues and our customers to find a solution that went beyond saving money and raising our GDPR standards. Since going paperless, each and every colleague in the company has each saved 465 million kgs of wood, 11.1 billion litres of water and 75.6 million kgs of waste. We hope that this will go towards minimising the environmental effects of business in the UK and beyond.


  • Charging stations: emissions from EVs are up to 43% lower than diesel vehicles. We encourage all our colleagues to use electric cars and have installed charging points in our head office. Our colleagues are reaping benefits and seeing the convenience and cost-efficiency of electrically fueled transport.


  • Eco-products: We use the greenest solutions to complete any task undertaken. One example of this is our solar flower, which provides green and energy-saving products and services to both domestic and commercial customers throughout the UK, helping them increase energy efficiency, act responsibly, and save money.

How Our Choices Have Has Allowed Us To Go Further

Our environmentally responsible activities have enabled us to expand our business. We have evolved into offering fully managed and environmentally conscious hire solutions. A key selling point of this arm of the business is that we work exclusively with a renewable green fuel range. Also, as part of our vision towards a carbon-free culture, we have created a carbon emissions elimination strategy and are working towards this as a priority for every hire. We are producing quantifiable, real, permanent actions to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, including measured reports, on-site troubleshooting and improvements, renewable energy options and a phased introduction of 100% renewable energy powered equipment. This is the simplest, economically efficient step in significantly reducing our carbon footprint. The seamless switch of all hire equipment (new and old) to our HVO D+ fuel range will contribute to the growth of our business.

Find out how we can solve your drainage needs using the most eco-conscious solutions by visiting us on or call us on 0208-9795444

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