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Drain Mapping: Benefits For Construction Projects

When planning for construction projects, it is important to remember all of the external factors that can come into the building project.

Things such as legal issues, and planning permission all are important parts of the equation when plotting a new construction project. One thing that may at times be looked over (wrongfully so) however, is a drain mapping survey. 

Although it may not be the first thought on your mind when looking to build that new extension for your clients, making sure their drains are working effectively can save you time, money and disruption in the long run.

What is drain mapping?

planning permissions and blueprints

Drain mapping is essentially where the layout of drains and sewers beneath a property is mapped out using specialist CCTV technology, in order to plan for any future work or find potential issues within the systems.

It will also map the location of any manholes or gullies, making it easier to begin (or continue with) planning permission processes on construction projects.

Why is drain mapping important when planning for construction projects?

Drain mapping can be one of the requirements needed in order for builders and architects to plan out any potential construction work, whether it’s renovations or building on an entirely new plot of land. 

Planning permission is much more straightforward when you account for all the separate factors that come into play with a new construction project. 

As part of your application, you may even be asked to have a drain map available before you are able to continue with your planning permission process. Not doing so could cause delays in your application being approved.

What could happen if you don’t complete a drain mapping survey on your new project?

Some of the most likely outcomes/problems that could occur in the absence of a drain mapping survey include:

  • Unplanned issues with the construction process. Perhaps you dig a hole in the ground, damaging a drain that you previously didn’t know was there and are left with an expensive repair, disrupting your plans entirely!
  • General disruption! As stated previously, it can be tricky to get planning permission without accounting for this basic part of the planning process.
  • Potentially missing any issues with the property’s current drains. A drain mapping survey can find these issues and sort them before construction work even begins.

So there you have it, the importance of drain mapping for construction projects cannot be understated. Before beginning any major set of construction works, always make sure that one has been completed. Call a professional drainage solutions company to get the job done right. 

Express Drainage Solutions have years of experience with drain mapping for construction projects.  Get in contact today to hear more. 

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels 

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