Drain Unblocker Tools: Equipment to Fix Blocked Drains

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Here is a rundown of the tools often used to unblock drains:

Manual drain snakes are often used by professionals as drain clearing equipment to clear blockages in small piping (1 to 2 inches). The tool consists of a cable coiled into a plastic drum that can feed into the drain. To clear a blockage, the drum is spun manually using a handle to create torque in the line.


The electric drain snake is similar to the manual version but the drum is spun using a power tool connected to the back. Lines up to 110mm are often able to be cleared using cables of varying thickness.

This drain unblocking tool can be handheld or stationary depending on preference or the type of job.



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Drain jetters offer a targeted, chemical-free drain clean by feeding a flexible hose through piping and jet blasting the insides. This is ideal for restoring full flow to a drainage system by removing grease and other debris from pipe walls.


For cleaning and unblocking large drains, a sectional drain cleaning machine offers an effective solution.

These drain unblocker machines come equipped with a line as long as 250mm and a motor capable of providing enough torque to break through the toughest of obstructions.


The classic and simplest drainage tool is the trusty toilet plunger. Used for not just toilets but sink and bath drains as well, this is a versatile product. A longer variety is the T-handle rubber plunger, which is ideal for small drain clearances.

For a heavy duty solution, the professional force pump can remove tough blockages by forcing air into the drain using a pump-action handle.


Through releasing highly compressed air into a pipeline, the kinetic water ram can create enough kinetic energy to dislodge or break up a blockage. They work on a variety of systems including showers and sinks.


In the case of sewage blockages, drain rods can be used as blocked drain equipment to punch through or remove debris deep into a system. The rods are screwed together and the front worm screw attachment leads the way.

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