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Chemical Products Unblock Drains

It is a commonly held belief that chemical drain cleaners that can be purchased from the supermarket are sufficient for unblocking slow-draining or completely clogged drains. While some products may produce results in certain situations, regular use of chemical cleaners down drains can have an adverse effect.

Corrosive in nature, these cleaners can cause damage to internal pipework if used excessively. If a blockage is already in place, pouring chemicals onto it will rarely be the answer, and when you eventually have to call in the experts to deal with the issue, they will be at risk from the toxicity of the materials in the pipework.

Slow-Running Drains Don’t Require Attention

As long as the water is disappearing down the plug then things are fine, right? Not necessarily. Any indication that water is draining slowly points to a blockage developing in the pipework, and getting the problem sorted as soon as possible is the best way to avoid more serious problems related to cracked pipes and backed-up water.

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Fixing Damaged Drains Is A DIY Project

This is perhaps the most dangerous assumption of all. People often assume they know how to unblock u-bend drains or carry out complex drainage tasks.

Although taking out and cleaning the u-bend may be within the capabilities of those with a certain amount of competency, anything beyond this is strictly the domain of professionals.

The equipment needed to rectify blocked drains and sewers is expensive to rent, not to mention dangerous to use for the inexperienced, and not knowing what you are looking for or how to go about repairing damaged drains can make things a whole lot worse.


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