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Sonar Drain Tracing

Express Drainage Solutions’ sonar-tracing technology eliminates the need to excavate your property which can be disruptive. Instead, we use sondes (self-contained sonar transmitters) and cameras to discreetly send pulses through your underground systems and explore your drain works. This method measures the distance between the engineer who has a device above ground, and the sonde below ground therefore analysing the depth between the two and telling us not only the exact location of your drains but how deep they are too.

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If you have any existing access points such as a ground floor bathroom, we can insert a CCTV camera into your pipe system and explore. We will find any covered-up inspection chambers plus we will be able to see first-hand if there are any issues with your drainage systems. Our findings will be presented to you in a detailed but clear to understand CCTV drain inspection report, which is available in DVD format. Our engineers will also be on hand to talk you through your findings and recommend any next steps.

Drain Maps

If you have existing drain maps from when the house was built our experienced and knowledgeable engineers and will be able to analyse these with the assistance of the above methods, we will be able to tell you if any drains have been added to the property since its original build and if further action needs to be taken to uncover existing drains.


Our engineers are on hand to offer an all-round service to help uncover your drains. As well as investigating the location of your manholes we will safely excavate these and analyse if any maintenance needs to take place. We have specialist hydro blasting technology and sewage removal tankers to get the job done as efficiently as possible with minimal disruption.

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