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Sinks and Showers

Whether washing up in the kitchen or brushing teeth in the bathroom, sinks take the brunt of much of our household wastewater. It’s no surprise that they are consequently one of the main offenders when it comes to drain blockages, which is why strainers and drain blockers are so important.

Preventing food waste, hair and the like from going down the plughole will stop buildups that cause issues. Strainers and other plughole blockers work by catching solid materials before they can enter the drain, allowing water and liquids to pass through. Durable and long-lasting, they can easily be removed in order to be emptied into the bin, before being placed back into the plug.

Such a cheap and simple item could save you a lot of time and money in the long run, and strainers are now available in a range of colours and materials to fit with kitchen decor.

There are even smaller models for bathroom sink use, preventing hair and fluff from entering the drains here, with larger versions for showers and baths to perform the same job.

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It’s not just plugholes that need attention paying to them; appliances that are plumbed into mains will also need consideration.

For example, dishwashers include a filter to prevent solid food washed from plates and bowls from entering the wastewater pipe. This is a crucial element of the appliance, and must be monitored and maintained on a regular basis. Many modern dishwasher filters are detachable, allowing for easy cleaning and repair, and cleaning can be carried out in around 30 seconds.

Blocked dishwashers will smell, as well as fail to drain all wastewater away, so you will be given a few handy indicators if yours needs attention.

Similarly, washing machines can become blocked with excess dirt and things such as loose change and bits of paper falling out of trouser pockets. This will require the unblocking (or changing, in serious cases) of the machine’s drain pump filter.

The filter is usually located underneath the main drum of front-loaded machines, and should be removable – be sure to have a container and towels at the ready to catch any water that hasn’t been able to drain away! Take out all solid objects stuck within the filter, whether coins, fluff balls, hair or anything else, and then simply rinse under the tap until it is clear.

Exterior Drains

The main enemy of outside drains, downpipes and gutters is fallen leaves and other natural debris. Leaf guards are vital for preventing leaves from entering the drains and causing blockages as mulch. Clearing drains is not only a strenuous task, it can cause further damage to your pipework if you are unsure as to what you’re doing.

Taking care to pay attention to your various household drain defenders should become a regular habit, helping to protect your drains from avoidable blockages. Should you find yourself with a blocked drain or damaged pipe however, it’s time to call in the professionals at Express Drainage Solutions.

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