Do I Need A Plumber or Drainage Contractor? (Who's Responsible?)

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Choosing Between Drain and Plumbing Services

Wastewater is a Drainage Expert’s Speciality

Any problem relating to the removal of water from a property falls under the remit of a drainage expert.

Although some issues may manifest themselves indoors (for example a sink won’t empty due to backlog from a blocked drain), the cause of the problem will usually be a leakage or blockage in a drainage pipe.

Blocked Drain: Plumber or Drainage Expert

Plumbing and drains cover their own distinct fields. Drainage services include unblocking drains, replacing and relining drainage pipes and dealing with burst external pipes. There is no such thing as drain plumbing or drainage plumbers, so make sure to call drainage experts!

Blocked Toilet: Plumber or Drainage Expert

Conversely, plumbing services normally relate to water entering a property, so covers work such as dripping taps, replacing toilets, basins or sinks and repairing internal pipe leaks.

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Surveillance and Monitoring Role

In addition to performing repairs and removing blockages, drainage specialists also have a key role in preventing drainage problems before they occur.

As pipes age, cracks and chips can appear which compromise the integrity of the pipe and also provide a surface where fat can accumulate.

Drainage companies undertake CCTV inspections to discover the condition of existing pipework, and can make recommendations for replacement or repair if necessary.

They are also able to undertake high pressure cleaning of existing pipework to minimise the risk of damaging build up.

Removing Foul Waste

Whether you rely on a septic tank to house your foul waste or are an agricultural enterprise that generates slurry, at some point the liquid will need removing. Drainage specialists operate a tanker service to hygienically remove the waste from your premises and dispose of it appropriately.

As both human and animal waste has the potential to harbour dangerous pathogens, safe transport of foul waste is vital.

specialist drain company can operate either a regular cleaning schedule or perform a one-off clean up job, depending on what’s needed.

Plumbers don’t usually undertake waste removal, so anything involving waste is best handled by drainage experts.

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Sewer Pipe Experts

As well as drainage pipes, some sections of sewer pipe are also often the responsibility of individual home owners or commercial concerns.

If you have a faulty pipe on your property, it can cause problems in adjacent homes, so prompt action is important to prevent a serious health hazard.

Plumbers don’t normally work on sewer pipes, so a drainage expert is essential for this type of work. Because of the nature of the matter contained in the pipe, professional intervention is vital.

Making a Decision Between Plumbing and Drainage Cover

So remember; as a general rule, problems relating to water supply are the remit of the plumber, whilst issues concerning foul water and sewage disposal fall within the area of expertise which a drainage company offers.

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