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What is electro mechanical drain cleaning?

One solution is to use electro mechanical drain cleaning. A simple yet effective method, a motor is used to drive a cable through a pipe or drain in a boring motion similar to a drill, constantly rotating the cable in a clockwise direction.

Water is often simultaneously fed into the pipe to flush out any obstructions. The cable itself can be fitted with various cutters as dictated by the blockage, and the technique is ideal for removing a number of robust blockages, as well as residue build-up such as lime scale, uric scale and concrete deposits.

In some cases, electro mechanical drainage cleaning is used in conjunction with acid drain cleaning, although this presents a number of health and safety risks and is best used sparingly.

The electro mechanical drain cleaning method was pioneered by the Dyno-Rod company in the 1960s, and is a common service provided by many drainage companies today.


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When is it used?

Electro mechanical drain cleaning is a great way to clear blockages from internal pipework where drain jetting could cause damage or flooding, such as toilets, sinks, washing machines and dishwashers, but can be used on larger underground drains where restricted access means jetting is not possible.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘plumber’s snake’, the cable provides the flexibility to bore into narrow and twisting pipework, and those that utilise springs are able to retain a powerful cleaning action through long sections of drain and around multiple corners.

How is it used?

Different sizes and styles of electro mechanical drain cleaner are used for different applications. Specialist root cutters must be used for the removal of tree root ingress, while much larger machines are required for blocked soil stack pipes.

Where grease and cooking fats are causing the issue, running hot water through the pipes as the cable is fed through as part of the internal drain cleaning produces effective results, although high power water jetting is best in these situations if possible.

In most scenarios, it is the front of the cable that removes blockages caused by a clogging of hair or solid objects, boring into the obstruction like a corkscrew, while the main body of the cable removes fatty deposits and other build-ups from the internal walls of the pipe using the rotating motion.

Emergency Internal Drain Cleaning with Express Drainage Solutions

Here at Express Drainage, our expert team are on hand to carry out all necessary electro mechanical drain cleaning to the highest standard, as part of our all-round blocked drain cleaning capabilities.

In situations where high power jetting is not possible, this service is the best solution, and we can be with you within the hour in the South West London area to unblock any domestic or commercial drain.

Express Drainage offers free CCTV surveys to investigate the cause of the blockage, before determining the best course of action to rectify the issue.

For more information on drainage & pipe cleaning, or to request a quote, get in touch with the friendly team today.

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