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What to do with pumpkin waste?

Avoid putting pumpkin pulp and seeds down the drain after you have finished your pumpkin carving masterpiece. Always dispose of leftovers into the food recycling waste.  Incorrect disposal of waste can cause severe drainage issues as the pumpkin seeds will create a sticky slime to your drainpipes cause the pulp to harden and causing numerous issues in the future.

Before washing your hands ensure that there isn’t any pulp stuck to your hands that could potentially sneak into your drains without you even realising


What not to put down your drains during Halloween?

1 – Wicked Waste

With pumpkin carving and apple bobbing activities, there is a chance pumpkin seeds, pulps and even apple segments can go down your drain. Dispose of any food waste in the bin and not down the drains.

2 – Grease Makeup

Dressing up this Halloween and painting your face with grease like material are great fun but are not something you should ever put down your drain. Use a wipe to remove your make-up and dispose of this in the bin and not the toilet.

3 – Sweet Disposal

Trick or treating is such sweet fun but can lead to a lot of sweet wrappers, have you ever wondered where those sweet wrappers go? Some may end up going down your drains and this will cause blockages, so try and make sure that all wrappers are placed in the rubbish bin and disposed of correctly to avoid any Halloween drainage disasters.

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What to look out for in your drains during this hallows eve?

Leaky Lawns – Is your lawn swampy with various green patches across it? These patches are a warning sign that your septic tank could be leaking by acting as a make-shift fertiliser for your lawn. This will eventually cause pooling wastewater and the smell will not be pleasant as the cracks get larger and larger. Any issues detected with a septic tank or sewage treatment plant should be dealt with quickly as possible, but problems are often only become visible after being present for some time. Ensure to get in touch with Express Drainage Solutions as soon as possible to provide a quick and reliable solution.

Unwanted Creepy Crawlies

If you start to notice that there are extra creepy crawlies around the house, your drainage system could need some attention.

Bugs tend to gather around humid spaces, when your sewer system is breached, your home humidity increases. If you experience an influx of insects, you may need professionals to help you out.

Ghoul Gurgling sounds

Gurgling sounds from your drains can be an early sign that there is a problem with them. When your plumbing system is blocked or damaged, backups can occur, and your wastewater has nowhere to go but back up your drains.

If you hear any unusual gurgling or see any visible water bubbling back into your bathtub when you flush your toilet etc, then you need to investigate this issue immediately to avoid potentially more serious problems further down the line.

Ghastly smelling drains

There are many reasons for ghastly smelling drains from malfunctions drainage trap through to a debris build up in your drainage pipework. Express Solutions Group can carry out A CCTV drain survey to diagnose the root of the problem, but here are some common causes of finding smells in the bathroom and other household drains. 

Why a PPM is important in preventing Halloween nightmares?

Poorly maintained drainage networks and equipment can lead to significant health and safety issues, expensive drainage repairs, pollution and, crucially, business interruption and disruption that can cost dearly.

Express Solutions Group, has a portfolio of cost-effective PPM plans that are tailored to suit our client’s exact requirements and needs.

The key benefits of  a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programme


  • Minimised business disruption and downtime
  • Reduced emergency callouts
  • A well-maintained property infrastructure
  • PPM agreements that are aligned with business and client requirements
  • An effectively managed budget and cost savings
  • Compliance with Health and Safety and environmental standards

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