Concrete Drain Pipe Blockages and How to Fix Them

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How concrete blockages can affect your drains

Concrete being poured or spilled down your drains unsurprisingly causes pipe blockages or slow draining plumbing. If the concrete causes an immediate blockage, you’ll benefit from knowing about the problem early on so you can rectify the problem.

However, what is all the more likely to happen is the concrete will stick to the sides of your blocked pipes as it drips down your drains, reducing the diameter of the pipes and therefore affects the flow rate.

On top of this, if the concrete reaches a bend in your pipes, it will settle at the bottom, making it more difficult for water to move past the concrete.

This will cause waste to back up your pipes, potentially leading to pipe blockage and a backflow of wastewater back into your property, emerging either in your sinks, toilets, drains or bath.

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The importance of quick treatment

While the concrete down your drain may not cause too much of an issue initially, come heavier rainfall – as Britain is often subjected to during winter – your drains will not be able to dispose of the excess water quick enough, leaving your property vulnerable to flooding.

Heavy rainfall isn’t the only problem either; day-to-day living within your home or business can lead to inhibited drain functioning as hair, food residues and grease wrongly make their way down the drains.

With your blocked pipes already restricted by the concrete, this further detriment to your draining will undoubtedly lead to full-blown blockages.

Therefore, if you suspect concrete is reducing water flow down your drains, it is important to rectify the cement drainage pipe problem immediately.

Treatment methods

There are a few methods you can use to clear concrete from your drains. Drain jetting, using a powerful jet of water aimed at the concrete, can help reduce small-scale and larger build ups.

Failing that, an acid such as hydrochloric acid can be allowed to sit in the blocked pipes to soften the concrete without damaging the pipes (this will be dependent on the material of your pipes – always check with a professional plumber or drainage team before putting any variety of acid down your drains).

How Express Drainage Solutions tackles cement drainage pipe blockages

Concrete cutting using drain jets can be used in conjunction with CCTV drain inspections to ensure a successful, complete concrete eradication in next to no time, ensuring that your drains are running optimally and capable of handling increased rainfall and day-to-day functioning.

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Get in touch for concrete drain solutions

If you’re in need of a concrete cutting drainage specialist to remove the buildup of concrete in drains on your premises, Express Drainage Solutions can help.

We’re well experienced in tackling blocked drains caused by cement and provide expert concrete cutting solutions across Greater London and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to find out more about our concrete drain solutions.

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