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Location: Colnbrook
Duration: 1 week
Sector: Commercial

The Need 

A busy nightclub in Colnbrook was experiencing severe flooding problems in its basement. The nightclub had been closed for a week due to these issues and was losing revenue rapidly.

The Solution 

After a meeting with the client onsite, and analyzing information sent to us via email about the existing systems, we recommended a new sewer pump chamber installation in the basement of the building. The new pump chamber would take the runoff from within the cellar and discharge it into the manhole at surface level.

Work Completed:

  • We used a tanker to pump out the flood waste in the cellar. 
  • In the area of the existing pump chamber, we increased the depth and diameter of the space.
  • After removing the existing pump chamber, we installed a concrete base.
  • On top of the concrete base, we will install a custom-made 300-litre tank with new duty and assist pumps and a high-level alarm system which was connected to a control panel.
  • Next, we will increased the depth of the existing drainage trench and install new channel drainage (with a suitable cover). The channel drainage served two gully pots which prevented debris from entering the pump chamber.
  • We will then concrete the new pump chamber in place.
  • From the new pump chamber, we installed 20m of PVCU grey pressurised pipe with suitable bends to reach the head height required. The discharge point at the top of the cellar.
  • We undertook an open-cut excavation from the discharge point to the manhole located at the front of the club.
  • Within the excavation we installed no more than 7m of 100mm UPVC pipework and a new lateral connection into the existing manhole.
  • To finish we backfilled the excavation with type 1 granular material and tarmacked the top surface to how it was originally. 


Upon completing these works, waste from the property was properly diverted to the public sewer. The nightclub is now open, and we have received reports from the owners that everything is in proper working order.

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