Mr Wooderson - Express Drainage Solutions
Location: Maidenhead
Duration: 24 hours
Sector: Domestic

The problem

Mr Wooderson had bought a plot of land in the suburbs. He had started building a house but wanted a modern, efficient sewer connection installed.

The course of action

For a standard sewer connection to be installed, we followed the following steps:

  • We obtained a 106 consent to connect licence from the local water authority.
  • Once this was in place, we contacted Mr Wooderson’s local council to get permission to install apparatus within the carriageway.
  • We then made an open-cut excavation within the property boundary, the methods of which were dictated by the local water authority.
  • Because the depth of the excavation was over two metres, a trench sheet was installed to protect the integrity of the dig.
  • We installed clay piped from the connection to the property boundary.
  • We then added shingle around the pipe, followed by type one granular material.
  • To finish the job, we reinstated the top surface to its original state, ready for Mr Wooderson to finish construction on his house and connect his surface plumbing. A Thames Water inspection was completed during this stage, and a Thames Water sign-off was granted.

The outcome

Mr Wooderson completed his house build with efficient, fully functional drainage systems. He is satisfied with the levels of customer service that we offered as well as how quickly works were completed.

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