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Location: Uxbridge
Duration: 3-4 days
Sector: Domestic

The problem

Mr Day complained of potent foul smells coming from the drainage system, making for an unpleasant aroma in the areas surrounding the drainage. He could not see an obvious fault and therefore got in touch with the team here at Express Drainage Solutions.

The course of action

Upon this initial consultation, we suggested to Mr Day that a camera survey would be the most effective form of diagnosis. The survey consisted of a fully comprehensive search carried out by a qualified drainage engineer to show the following elements:

  • A full written report,
  • Site plan drawing,
  • Site summary,
  • Footage and still photos of any defects such as displaced joints (slight to medium), stress fractures, incoming laterals, and scale/residual debris.

Mr Day received the full report 3-4 days after the survey, along with our recommended remedial action, as well as the projected costs. Mr Day was thoroughly satisfied with our CCTV drainage survey and decided to pursue our recommendations.

Following the survey, the recommended course of action was high-pressure drain jetting to clean any scale and debris in the drainage run, followed by relining a 3m section using a fibre resin linear liner (super sleeve) to regain the pipe’s structural integrity.

The outcome

The survey and recommended action were all carried out successfully and Mr Day has had no further problems.

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