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Location: Roehampton
Duration: Ongoing
Sector: Commercial

The Client 

Vanguard Healthcare Solutions is a global provider of clinical infrastructure services. At Roehampton Hospital there are several elective surgery hubs run by the company. These units are mobile and designed with flexibility in mind. The modules have been present on site since 2021 but due to demand, the hospital has been arranging for more to be put on site each year.

The Need

The hospital uses temporary toilet facilities for the units. These modules, used by both staff, patients, and visitors, need regular emptying due to the waste storage units having limited capacity. It is crucial that this is done on time to avoid overflow and low levels of hygiene. Vanguard needed a regular, reliable service provider who could work on site independently. 

The Solution 

Express Drainage Solutions met with Vanguard to assess the needs on site and the location of the toilet facilities. We recommended that we visit site three times a week with an extraction tanker 

We noticed that the waste storage units were located some distance away from the car park, this would be a challenge when connecting our tanker to the pump out area. We overcame this challenge by factoring in extra-long hose equipment for this site.  

The Outcome

We have reliably met the needs of the client and have become an essential service provider for the hospital. Waste is pumped out every three few days and transported to a foul waste disposal site. We have been on hand for any drainage needs that the facilities managers might have, and they have come to rely on our services. 

As a result of the above, Express Drainage Solutions have created an ongoing service contract to work on any drainage needs the facilities might have in the foreseeable future.

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